Installation procedure

The installation is divided up in several parts. Just follow the instructions below.

For the installation description it is assumed that SVN Access Manager ist installed to /usr/share/svn-access-manager, the web server is accessed as localhost and the Subversion Repository and the MySQL database are on the same host. The directory containing the repositories is assumed as /svn/repos. The files needed for authentication and authorization are assumed in /etc/svn.

The configuration file for SVN Access Manager will be placed in /etc/svn-access-manager directory. Please make sure that your webserver has enough rights to wirte the configuration into this directory. This installation description assumes that the webserver user is the user apache with the group apache.

Please make sure that in your php.ini file the varibale mysql.allow_persistent is set to on! Otherwiese you may have problems with login after the installation. Please set the variable mysql.allow_persistent to on before you proceed with the installation. Don’t forget to restart your webserver after changing the value of mysql.allow_persistent!